The Fit Villa in combination with the Island of Ibiza gives you the perfect opportunity to experience that ‘’once in a lifetime’’ feeling. This is the ultimate place to challenge yourself in different ways. Train your body with our excellent training facility, celebrate the group feeling and let this expand your mindset, let your body recover by the food from our private chef and of course reset your mind by relaxing in a lounge chair at the infinity pool.

    Workout Variety

    Make use of the endless possibilities of extraordinary workouts. Of Course you can use the training facilities, the swimming pool and your imagination to create fun workouts but don’t forget there are beaches on Ibiza and you don’t find these in you local gym so use them! Swim, run, train and start tanning afterwards.

    You want to see the enchanting environment of Ibiza? Do this by mountain bike or by foot and you can combine some exercise with the stunning views this island provides.



    Group feeling

    A week on a special place with like minded people who share the same passion will make sure you get to know each other on a deeper level. You will get a unique group bond, encourage each other during training sessions. Everybody will push the extra mile and get out of their comfort zone. You can do more than you think you can handle.

    This week will upgrade your knowledge, you will learn as a group by learning from each other. The coaching can be really personal and get your skills up in different areas think of training programs, technique, and the mental aspects of sports.



    all-inclusive treatment

    Go for the all-inclusive feeling and make use of our private chef. We have got the best Chef of Ibiza so no groceries or cooking this week just relax and enjoy the best recovery food you can imagine.

    relax and recover

    Make use of our magnificent garden and empty your head in one of the lounge areas. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and realize where you are and what you are doing.

    You don’t want to miss out on some Ibiza specials. Think of a sunset with drumming on the background at Benirrás beach, be sure to visit the magical Es Vedrà and Ibiza Town (Eivizza)


    we look forward to hear from you!