Reebok is launching it’s 10th edition of their bestselling functional fitness shoe: the Reebok Nano X. Reebok announced this new shoe will be available from May 5th. If you can’t wait this long they have launched an early acces program. You can subscribe on Reebok Nano X. If you do so you will be granted with a one week early acces and free shipment.

For now we don’t have the shoe itself so we are not yet able to write a review. Off course we will keep you posted and tell us our findings when the shoe is available. The shoe is a follow up on the well reviewed and best seller, the Reebok Nano 9. We reviewed this shoe over here and this can give you an indication of the specs of the new shoe. You are here to read about the new Reebok Nano X but we want to say there might be some good deals coming on the older Nano 9.

What do we know?

– Reebok Nano X – As versatile as you
– Cross training shoe
– Suitable for running, jumping, lifting, rope climbing and high intensity training

Construction and Key Features



Lifting – Stability
Running & Sprinting – Flexibility & Comfort
Rope jumping, Boxjumps, rope climbing

Reebok Nano 9 vs. Nano X


The new Reebok Nano X shoes will cost around $130 and €130. This is around the same price as the top cross training shoes they are competing with. Think of the Nike Metcon 5 or the Nobull trainers. We know this is a lot of money but as these shoes have proven over and over to belong to the best cross trainers this is just the price for these top of the line shoes.

Cost efficiency: however we didn’t actually test the new nano’s yet . We did this with the Nano 9’s. These trainers are still top of the line training shoe’s. They even aren’t 12 months on the market yet so you can’t call them out datet either. Now the new nano x shoes are being released there are some great deals on the Nano 9’s. Like this you have a top of the line shoe for a great price. Check out our review of the Reebok Nano 9 and check the Reebok website for the best deals available.


Reebok Nano X colours

Reebok Nano X coulours men

Reebo Nano X colours Women

Reebok athletes
Reebok Nano X in action