This is our review of the brand-new Reebok Nano 9. The Nano is known as one of the best cross training shoes on the market. You just have to check the previous models of these shoes and look at the amount of top athletes who train and compete with them. In this review we will discuss the key features, the looks, the performance and the upgrades compared to the previous model the Reebok Nano 8.

We don’t want to spoil our review but all of the Nano’s are amongst the best cross training shoes available. The new Nano isn’t an exception. As with all cross training shoes the fit is very important. The shoes are your fundament if you are going to lift or squat and they need to be supportive and comfortable while running. Because everyones foots are different and the fit is so important we recommend to try on the shoes!

Construction and key features

  • New Flexweave upper. Newly engineered Flexweave redesigned for various workouts and outperforms the flexibility of traditional Flexweave.
  • Added midsole cushioning. Designed to absorb impact during short runs. Making it the most runnable Nano.
  • Decoupled outsole. Re-designed into two outsole pieces for improved heel-to-toe movement.

Flexweave upper

The new flexweave upper is the really fine knitted like material on the top of the shoe. The material is highly breathable and has got some stretch in it. We really liked this little bit of extra stretch in the material. The material makes moving extra smooth without compromising in durability or stability. If you like the material on the Nano 8 you probably will also be enthousiast of this new material.

Added midsole cushioning

Reebok updated the midsole cushioning which will lead to more comfort during short runs and sprints. This update makes the Nano 9 look a little bit like a normal sneaker. In case you are afraid this will lead to less stability we can tell you this isn’t the case at all. Part of the stability will come from the TPU layer wrapped around the outsides of the mid foot. Next to stability this layer provides enhance the durability of the shoes while rope climbing.

Decoupled outsole

As you can see in the photo above the new Nano’s are provided with a split outsole. The split outsole is introduce to improve the comfort en performence while running and sprinting. It is doing so by creating more flexibility between the fore and the back foot which improves the heel-to-toe transitions.


First of all we want to make clear the Reebok Nano is a cross-training shoe. This means it is created to be as good as it can be in multiple fitness disciplines. This is a top of the line cross training shoe so it will perform great on the different disciplines but it’s not faire to compare a cross training shoe with shoes specialised in one sport. Like pure running shoes or weightlifting shoes. The Reebok Nano 9’s are specially designed to be overal high performance training shoes. Having this said we are going to discuss the lifting, running and jumping capabilities of the shoe!

Lifting – Stability

Lets start with the conclusion. We think the Nano 9’s are great for lifting! It is quite an accomplishment to create a shoe like this. The difficulty lies on the fact that you want a shoe with flexibility and stability. Normally when you increase one of the two factors you will have to give up a little bit on the other. The way this shoe is constructed manages to have really good specs for both, stability and flexibility. For the weightlifting we need the stability aspect of the shoes. Due to the flat outsole you have got a lot of ground contact which gives you a nice firm and supportive stance. This in combination with the TPU wrapped around the outside of the shoe gives a shoe with great stability.

The outsole provides a big flat surface. This will be beneficial in two ways, one the one hand it provides stability and on the other hand you now have got a lot of surface to transport the energy from your leg muscles through the surface of the outsole into the lifting platform. In short we think this is a great shoe for lifting. In fact we think the performance comes quite close to a real lifting shoe. Off course you don’t have the high heel and the super stability and support of a real lifting shoe but the Nano 9 comes surprisingly close.

Running & Sprinting – Flexibility and comfort

When we saw the outside of the shoe we already thought it had the potential to be a nice shoe for running. The split outsole and the added cushioning in the midsole make the Nano’s perform good during run and sprint work. If you are going for a longer run we would still pick our running shoe but for combined workouts which include running the Nano’s didn’t let us down.

Rope jumping / Box Jumps / Rope Climbing

Shoes perform as you would expect. We think the jumping movements are slightly more comfortable compared to the Nano 8. We also can’t find anything to complain while rope climbing.. The shoes are really grippy.


The Nano’s are known for a relatively wide fit (compared to for instance the Nike Metcon). If you already have a pair of Nano’s the fit of this latest model is about the same. The only little difference we could find is the slightly wider toebox. If you don’t have Nano’s yet and you have got skinny feet it is possible a smaller pair will fit you better.

Nano 9 vs. Nano 8

The best way to see the differences in these shoe is to take a look at the key features. Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of the differences. To be honest the Nano 8 was already a shoe which crushed every all-round training. The differences and updates made on the Nano 9 worked out really nice and if we would be able to choose a pair we would definitely choose the Nano 9 but don’t expect life changing differences. The Nano 8 was and is still a great Cross training shoe.

New Flexweave. On the left side you see the Nano 8 and on the right side the Nano 9. As you can see the (new flex weave) material used on the Nano 9 is a little bit finer then the Nano 8. It looks almost like a really fine knitting pattern. When you feel the new flexweave you notice it is a little bit more stretchy and thus provides a little bit more comfort.

Outsole. On the left you see the outsole of the Reebok Nano 8. This is a one peace outsole while the new Nano 9 is equipped with a split outsole. The new split outsole makes it easier for sprint and run work. The soles of both shoes are nice and flat and thus have got a big surface which is in contact with the ground when you want to do any lifting work. The profile underneath the shoes also differs somewhat but we didn’t found a noteworthy difference in grip.


The price for the Reebok Nano 9 will be around $130 or €130. This price is in line with the price of previous models and top line cross trainers of other big brands. This is just the price is you wan’t the newest Reebok Nano or Nike Metcon.

Cost efficiency. We think the Nano 9 has got improvements over the Nano 8 and if we could pick a pair we would for sure choose the Nano 9. Having this said the Nano 8 also was and is a great cross training shoe. Because the Nano 9 is out now you can find some great deals on the Nano 8. So if you don’t need the newest model but still want a top of the bill cross trainer make sure you look around because there are some nice deals to find on the Reebok Nano 8.


The Nano 9 has got some great updates. It is nice to see they improved the comfort for running and sprinting exercises with the added midsole cushioning. They did all this while maintaining the stability needed for lifting. As cross training shoe we can’t really find performance flaws. The shoe delivers exactly what you expect from a brand and model which go way back in the crosstraining and functional fitness history.

The Nano is known for a slightly wide fit. This is also the case with this new model. If you already have got Nano’s the 9’s won’t let you down and surely will fit you well.

The price of $130 is in line with the other top brands cross training shoes.


  • The new features. More comfort while maintaining stability
  • Split outsole for improved heel-to toe movement
  • Added midsole cushioning to absorb impact during runs
  • Great stability and support while lifting


  • Possibly to wide for skinny feet


Do you want to buy yourself a pair of Nano 9’s. Check colours and prices on Amazon and Reebok. Or check out our Reebok Nano 9 Colour page to check out the available colours.

Reebok Nano 9 Colours

To give you an idea of the available colours and special models we made a summery below. Scroll further down and you will find some in action footage of this shoe.

Mens Colours

Men’s special editions

Men’s Games Edition. The color way of this edition is inspired on the Games of 2019.

Womans Colours

Women special editions

Womes Games Edition 2019. For the women Games edition the same colour way is used as the men’s.

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Athletes – Reebok Nano 9 in action

Reebok Specifications

  • Materials: Flexweave Technology weaves fibers into a figure-8 to create a strong, flexible upper
  • Designed for: Varied CrossFit WODs and other training
  • All new soft rubber midsole protection wrap
  • Added cushioning in forefoot for running and comfort
  • Bootie construction provides ultimate performance comfort
  • Forefoot flex grooves for flexibility
  • Low-cut design for added mobility