The Reebok Legacy Lifter is a weightlifting shoe that is on the market since January 2017. Unique to this shoe is that it deviates from the commonly used heel height of 0.75 inch (19 mm), but has a higher effective heel height; namely 22 mm. This gives this weightlifting shoe the highest effective heel height among the A-brand weightlifting shoes.

This is the first weight lifting shoe from Reebok that does not use the term “CrossFit” anywhere. Also striking in the name; outside of Europe this shoe is called the “Reebok Legacy Lifter”.

This shoe is fully focused on Olympic Weightlifting; the snatch and the clean & jerk. Real weight lifting shoes such as the Reebok Legacy Lifter are furthermore extremely suitable for squats, bench presses and overhead press. Because the shoes are built on firmness and stability, they are fairly stiff, and therefore not the best choice for most CrossFit WODs.


Overall construction shoe

The upper of the shoe is largely made of leather. This makes the shoe sturdy and stiff; good properties for a weightlifting shoe. Reebok describes this shoe itself as “A weightlifting shoe that breathes”. They make this happen through the many ventilation holes in the toe of the shoe, and by executing the back in lined mesh. To give this “breathable” back of the shoe firmness, a band of sturdy plastic runs over it, the so-called “ExoFrame”.

The Reebok Legacy Lifter weighs 20.3 ounce, or 575 grams. This makes it the heaviest weightlifting shoe at the moment, and about 100 grams heavier than the Nike Romaleos 2. This weight ensures that you are firmly attached to the floor, but is a small disadvantage with the split jerk, where your feet are like that want to move as quickly as possible.

The insole is removable with this shoe. One pair of thin, fairly hard, insoles is included. A hard insole is beneficial for weightlifting, because strength is lost with a soft insole.

The rubber sole of this shoe is completely flat, making it the largest possible contact surface with the weightlifting platform. This ensures an optimal amount of grip. There are so-called “Flex grooves” in the sole. These are grooves that ensure that the sole is flexible, which is especially important with the rear foot at the split jerk.

The shoe uses flat laces and reinforced lace holes. So you can tighten the laces extra tightly without damaging the shoe.


The heel of this shoe is made of TPU, a hard plastic. The shoe has an effective heel height of 22 mm. The TPU material runs further up on the outside of the shoe, around the heel. This is also called a “whole cup” because it is a sort of bowl around the heel. This provides extra lateral stability.


Just like the Reebok Lifter Plus 2.0, the Reebok Legacy Lifter uses two straps that can be tensioned. By tightening it tightly and fixing it with the Velcro fastener, the shoe is very firmly attached to the foot. The bands are made of sturdy synthetic leather.

Color and Design

These shoes are currently only available in multiple colours. Below we made a selection of some of the most recent models.


The Legacy Lifter weightlifting shoe is normal in size. In terms of length, therefore, “true size”, and in terms of width normal. This is an advantage on, for example, the Adidas Adipowers, a popular weight lifting shoe that is narrow. By using this size chart, you can easily find the right size. Measure your foot, and compare the length in cm with the size chart. If the ordered shoe does not fit, you can return the shoes for free at Reebok.nl up to 60 days after delivery, and your purchase amount will be refunded.


This shoe is very good in stability and build quality, and the best option for lifters looking for a high effective heel height. These shoes can be called high-end, and in quality comparable to the Adidas Adipower and the Nike Romaleos 2. With the price of € 179.95 this shoe is about 20 euros cheaper than the Nike Romaleos 2.

Where To Buy The Reebok Legacy Lifters

The Reebok Legacy Lifter currently costs between $125 – $349, and can be ordered via the official website of Reebok, Amazon or the Rogue website. Shipping is free, and the shoes can be returned free of charge.