Fit Care

Sport heals all souls. That’s why we truly believe that our training facility in combination with the right coaching can show people that our body and mind are capable of much more than we can think of. By working out, we can help people gain self-confidence and discipline in a very positive way.

This in combination with our thoughtfully made aftercare program where our clients will be included in a close sports community when arriving home can help to tackle mental problems at an early stage and avoid further escalation of personal problems and healthcare costs.

      Youth Care

      We believe in the combination of coaching, sport and a good aftercare program. The experience of a special week in combination with a positive approach will get children out of their normal environment and provide them with positive incentives. The intensive workouts and coaching will give them a chance to reset and recover and learn the importance of sports.

      Most important is the aftercare program. We have a special program where the children will be included in the functional fitness community. This is a great way to naturally coach and monitor the children after the program in Ibiza.

      Burn out recovery

      No phone, no email, this week you will focus on yourself. The combination of working out with physical and mental coaching will help you to clear your mind. This week is intended to take a step back and regain focus on the important things, regain focus on yourself in the first place.  This in combination with a well developed aftercare programme can help people avoid getting a burnout which will benefit this person itself in the first place but will also result in significant savings in health and labour costs.


      we look forward to hear from you!