The best weightlifting shoes for 2019

Weightlifting has increased in popularity the last ten years or so. Whether you like to workout as a power lifter or attend one of those killer Crossfit workouts a couple times a week, when your are going to raise the bar the topic of whether or not to use weightlifting shoes raises to the surface. Although some people advocate to do all lifting on regular shoes without the extended heel, we believe that a dedicated weightlifting shoe can bring your heavy lifting to the next level. Lifting shoes can help those amongst us where mobility in squats and deadlifts can be a little bit of a challenge. In all cases it is very important to lift on a shoe that does not wobble when you are going to lift serious weights. So, most definitely let your running shoes in your gym back during those workouts!

It is not easy to define what the best weightlifting shoes are. Although there are most definitely shoes with better overall quality, our feet differ which makes it hard to have a universal shoe for all of us.

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