7 of the best vegan protein powders on amazon

As you may have read in our article The benefits of plant based protein there are some good reasons to choose plant based protein sources. As a matter of fact more and more professional athletes tend to go on a plant based diet. Some out of ethical reasons but all of them are convinced a plant based diet is beneficial to them when recovering from a workout and even while recovering from injury. There are a lot of examples of athletes with a plant based diet in a wide range of sports and different types of sports. From weight lifting to cardio sports you can find them. A few examples of vegan athletes are Venus William (tennis player), Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1 driver), Scott Jurek (Long distance runner), Kendrick Yahcob Farris (weightlifter). As you see the disciplines vary from pure muscle power disciplines to cardio disciplines. Are you also ready to step up your game as these athletes and searching for plant based protein. To give you a guideline we provided you with the below list of plant based proteins.

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